Vine Pillow

In six second increments I've seen an entire day pass, a baby enjoy his first hamburger, people clowning around in every kind of weather in every kind of place, people smiling, people making super creepy faces, and in all cases- six seconds of human existence, human emotion, human colour, human life and that quality in all of us that just demands all of this to be shared.

What better way to share six seconds of your life with all your followers than to do it while spending some time cuddling a Vine pillow?

Each Vine pillow is a 100% handcrafted, 12"x12" square pillow, made with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, making it firm yet springy. So go on and capture a moment or your whole day in six seconds, and clutch your Vine pillow knowing full well that people are glad you shared.


++Pillows are made to order++


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