Google Pillow

Some amazing things have been accomplished by two people in a garage throughout history. Hewlett and Packard birthed silicon valley, Jobs and Wozniak started a computer revolution, Ruth and Elliot Handler founded Mattel, and Bill and Ted took their first excellent adventure.

Most important however might be the creation of Google. From search, to email, to locating everything, the impact it has on the day to day is immeasurable. Since we all can't march down to the Googleplex and hug an employee, the next best thing is to hug one of these supple Google Pillows.

This is a 100% handcrafted, 12"x12" square pillow, made with the softest fleece and the fluffiest polyester filling, making it firm yet springy. Now while you Google yourself you can snuggle this pillow.

++Pillows are made to order++

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