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Making Moves

June 12, 2013

Greetings, readers! I'm thrilled to announce that Craftsquatch blog has moved to a new and improved location! Follow the link for more information and to continue reading Craftsquatch blog. Also, drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Thank you! <3 :)


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Craftsquatch 2013 Update

May 04, 2013

Hello! Long time no update, 2013 is the time to break that bad habit. If you've been following our Twitter and Facebook pages, you'll have seen our brand new pillows this year. We've updated the ever popular Social Media with some of your favorites apps and sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, LinkedIn, Imgur, Spotify, and Foursquare!


Craftsquatch has big plans for this year- we'll be attending craft fairs and shows so you can come out and see the pillows in person, there will be a "pillow a week" blog feature where Craftsquatch founder Justin (that's me!) will be creating a pillow a week based on some tech topic or app he likes. As always we'll also be introducing new pillows, but this year I'll be mixing it up with some new products!

Keep a pulse on this blog page as I'll be making a much better effort to bring you some cool pillow and non-pillow related content and share geeky goodness with you all :)


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June 04, 2012

New site = New blog.. Or, uhhh, first blog technically >_> Either way, welcome to the new site! I'm really excited to have you try it out and get some awesome pillows. We have some redesigned and modified favourites, as well as a couple of new pillows. I'm particularly proud of the new map pin pillows :D. Please do forgive any bugs or weirdness that you come across, there are probably a few kinks to work out.

I'll use this blog to post Craftsquatch updates and pillow news, as well as some other fun stuff I come across.

Check back and I'll keep you entertained!